About Farm

Srijana Farm is both a commercial and a romantic venture. Tired of the city life, we gave up our jobs as journalists, archivists, researchers and became farmers, goat breeders, and cooks. Two years after our move to Palpa, we still retain a healthy does of our romanticism. We are also, however, dedicated entrepreneurs. Running the 40 acre farm is undoubtedly a commercial venture. Our eyes are as much on the bottom line as they are on ensuring responsible and sustainable farming practices. Srijana Farm is both our livelihood and our lifestyle.

Srijana is a fully integrated farm with goats, cows, seasonal vegetables and fruits, and a homestay. We are pioneers in Nepal in cross-breeding local female goats with South African Boer goats on a commercial scale. Other products from the farm include cow cheese and paneer, home-made bacon, jams, and seasonal herbs and vegetables. These goods can all be purchased at the farm. In the near future, we will also package and retail them in Tansen, Pokhara, and Kathmandu.